Okay, so this is me. It’s a lot prettier than the real me.


Okay, I’ll tell you a li’l bit about me. Then I’ll have you killed right after.

I have soooo much love to give. I’m always in love… love drunk everyday. I am very passionate about lotsa things. I love my family. I love God, of course. I love my friends. I’ll do everything to make them happy.

A friend once told me that I have lotsa choices of things to pursue. I’m more into the creativity thingie. Programming, reading, Photography, and the sort. I’m working as Programmer  ( PHP Programmer ). So I’m really unsure if I’m on the right path in terms of my professional career. But I’m getting good money and lotsa great benefits, so  I guess that’s okay for now. Haha.

I love people-watching. I’m weird but I really think I can read people. Idk. I’m very intuitive. Once I have a hunch about something, I’m most of the time correct. I love spending time with myself. I love thinking. I love reflecting. Sometimes, it’s cool to be alone… to be able to have a private time with meself. And when I do these kinds of stuff, I end up in nostalgia. Haha. But what can I do? I really find it helpful to sometimes look back on my past. Coz that’s when I see how I’ve matured (if I really did) and changed over time.

I’m human, not perfect. I have my own share of stupidity, evilness and apathy that’s pretty much prevalent in our world today. I curse. I lie. I hate. I keep grudges. I say bad words.  I know being human and imperfect shouldn’t be an excuse to justify such qualities/acts but I really think that all these are normal. Sometimes, I get so angry that I just decide to not to care anymore. Maybe I have said more lies than truth in this lifetime.. Ooops. I really don’t know, I lost track in counting. Most of those were white lies though so don’t worry. LOL. Sometimes, in my desire to be realistic, I become a pessimist.  But I’m proud to say that no matter how screwed up things were for me, I NEVER not even once in my life, questioned God or blamed Him for whatever chaos I was in. And I think I never will.

I love to travel. I wanna go and explore the world, visit places people has never heard of. I plan to get rich someday and go see what an actual remote area looks like and spend time there, maybe a month, to see how it is to live without electricity, malls, express food deliveries, phones, ipod. It’s like going back to the basics and I think that would be cool. Imma take lotsa photos of these places and imma place it on my uber huge corkboard that I plan to have hanging in one of the walls of my future mansion. LOL.

I love and want and need so many things. But at the end of the day, I find that all I really want and need is to be LOVED everyday. I don’t care if I don’t get to travel or if I don’t get rich or none of these things happen for me. As long as I am loved, I’ll be fine.


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