Walking away.

I will be looking back. EVERYDAY.

So many things have been said about walking away and not looking back anymore. I don’t know if I can do this or IF I ever want to do it. Life, oh life.

Maybe, life, at some point, will really test us. It will try to see how far we are willing to go; how much are we willing to risk; and how big the steps we are willing to make towards this one thing we’ve always wanted and hoped for. And now I’m in that position, I think. Constantly, I’ve been asking if going for what you want really have to entail walking away from something you didn’t want to leave at all. What’s more odd in my case, there really is no decision to make because this is not my call.

It’s not like I can just walkaway from something I’ve worked so hard for. That is not an option. I know in my heart it is about time that I get what I deserve. It’s just that the fact that I have to leave something behind has somewhat extinguished that rewarding feeling that I’m finally just few steps away from the prize. Yes, I feel sad. I feel sad, excited, fulfilled all in one breath. Crazy!!

Well, it’s not like I’m left with a choice. I will inevitably deal with this.

” I will be looking back. EVERYDAY.”