Crying again.

It has been many nights and I always feel better ,,

Words more clearly ..

I feel myself better.

I don’t know what happened.

Started again came to bouts of crying ,,

Sack to a world of dreams and imagine many things I wanted to do it.

And my heart is not able to imagine it has been lost and it will never go back.

I am tired.

I choked.

I do not have any solutions.

Just pray and pray and hope.

one reason. I DON’T KNOW HOW.


I miss You.

Lose my self.

Lose my self.

If i want to remember ..  i will remember you.

If i want to hope ..  i will hope to you.

If i want to success .. i will success for you.

If i want to miss .. i will miss you.

If you want to be loved .. i will love you.

i miss you ,, i Really miss you.